Elemental Mosquito Net - Circular Style - Single

Elemental Mosquito Net - Circular Style - Single


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When you are out fishing, hiking or camping, there is nothing more annoying than mosquitoes and flies flying around your face and biting you. The Elemental Mosquito Net Circular Green will save you from those pesky bugs. The net has a single hanging point so it can be positioned around you in a circular shape, and is suitable for 1 person.

The net is made from ultra-fine polyester mesh, ensuring that your vision is not impaired and that no insects can get in. If you are looking to keep pesky bugs from bothering you, this mosquito net is the perfect accessory.


  • Ultra fine polyester mesh
  • Single hanging point
  • 220cm (H) x 600cm (Circular)
  • Machine washable

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