Elemental Solid Fuel Hexamine Stove

Elemental Solid Fuel Hexamine Stove


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The Haxamine stove is a staple item amongst military operators and outdoor enthusiasts around the world. Renowned for the convenience of being compact and lightweight, as well as the reliability of the hexamine fuel tablets. These solid fuel stoves are an ideal cooking system for hikers, campers, backpackers, scouts and anyone who needs to be able to heat or cook in challenging outdoor environments. You can also feed the stove with sticks and twigs as an alternative fuel.

This product is also great to keep this on hand as part of a preparedness kit in order to be prepared for emergencies such as power outages, natural disasters and anything else that might come your way.

  • Lightweight & compact
  • Fits easily into any compact cooking setup
  • Includes 24x fuel tablets
  • Stove folds flat to protect the fuel tablets
  • Wind guards increase cooking effeciency

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