Eureka Rancher Outdoor hunting Knife

Eureka Rancher Outdoor hunting Knife


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The New Eureka Rancher knife 


  • 12″ Overall Length
  • 7.5″ Blade
  • 3CR13 Blade
  • Aluminium & Wood handle

3CR13 has also been used for many years as a reliable and proven knife steel.  It has many desirable properties that make is suitable for knives such as;

  • Its ability to be formed and ground easily when tempered
  • Decent toughness
  • Ease of sharpening
  • Good corrosion resistance
  • Cost effective

One of the areas where 3cr13 shines is its overall toughness.  It is a very robust steel that does not chip or break easily.  Very often, hardness and toughness are competing factors in the overall durability of different steels.  As a steel gets harder, it tends to get more brittle and thus reduces its overall toughness.

Corrosion Resistance

With it's low carbon content and decent amount of Chromium added, 3cr13 resists corrosion fairly well.  3cr13 will hold up well to normal use and even a good bit of abuse.


As mentioned above, 3cr13 has a moderate hardness which makes it very easy to re-sharpen.  In this regard, it is a great steel for a knife owner who is learning to sharpen their knives without many special tools or supplies.  Once you learn how to sharpen properly, 3cr13 can achieve a razor-sharp edge.

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