KOKODA G-VIBE 6.5cm Vibe Lure | 11g | Choose your Colour |


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The G-vibe is designed as a bibless sinking rattler lure. But with the unique features of the weighted nose allows the lure to sink head first. This combined with the perfect balance of ball bearings and cleverly designed chambers lets the lure flutter head first down towards the bottom.

As the lure sinks its body looks like it’s a wounded bait fish, swimming down to a structure. The weighted nose also allows the G-vibe to sit nose down on the bottom while the body is suspended upward like a hovering fish. This feature allows the lure to be slowly twitched and returned to the bottom. This gives the appearance of a dying bait fish struggling for life.

The G-vibe will keep the good vibes coming fish after fish

Weight- 11gm

Size 6.5cm

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