Oztrail Ultrarig Extra Heavy Duty Poly Silver Tarp | Camping Shelter | Sun Protection


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These heavy duty poly tarps provide the ultimate protection against rain or shine. They have a strong silver-coated 14 x 14 weave, 1000D UV stabilized high-density polyethylene (HDPE) with low-density polyethylene laminated to the top and bottom surfaces for maximum shade, waterproofness and strength.

Superior Strength & UV Resistance

Superior strength silver coated 14x14 weave 1000 Denier HDPE (High Density PolyEthylene), with triple layer LDPE (Low Density PolyEthylene) lamination on top and bottom surfaces. Also utilising OZtrail's UVtex technology, the ultimate UV stabilization process, the resulting product delivers maximum block out, maximum shade, maximum insulation and maximum strength.

Welded Perimeter

5mm rope reinforced double layer welded edge for maximum perimeter support and integrity.

Mega Patch

Multi-layer mega patch attachment points with UV stable thread and webbing. Consisting of 8 layers incorporating OZtrail's unique ultra-strength High Density PolyEthylene mega patch for maximum strength, maximum life and maximum tear resistance.

HD Webbing

A 24 mm heavy duty UV stable webbing is inserted into the mega patch for ultimate strength, the D rings are then lock stitched into place to hold them in position.

Stainless Steel D Rings

Constructed from marine grade non-corrosive stainless steel, the D rings are fully welded for the ultimate in strength and durability. D rings are centered on all sides with the addition of D rings positioned to match opposing sides.


  • Patented UVTex® technology optimizing UV resistance
  • Silver surface to reflect heat
  • Multi-layer patch attachment points with computer cross-stitch (minimum eight layers), incorporating unique super strong HDPE mega patch for ultimate strength
  • UV-stable polypropylene webbing is inserted into the mega patch for ultimate strength, while D-rings are locked into place by a bar-tack stitch
  • The tarp perimeter is reinforced with rope welded into a double layer of fabric for support and integrity
  • Stainless steel welded D rings on all corners and centers and approximately 0.9m around the perimeter of the tarp

Model Code Finished Cut Size (cm) Number of D rings
4x6 PTS-0406-A 112 x 173cm 6
6x8 PTS-0608-A 173 x 234cm 8
8x10 PTS-0810-A 231 x 295cm 12
8x12 PTS-0812-A 231 x 356cm 12
8x16 PTS-0816-A 231 x 478cm 16
9x18 PTS-0918-A 264 x 533cm 20
10x12 PTS-1012-A 295 x 351cm 16
12x12 PTS-1212-A 351 x 356cm 16
12x14 PTS-1214-A 351 x 417cm 16
12x16 PTS-1216-A 351 x 478cm 20
12x18 PTS-1218-A 351 x 538cm 20
12x20 PTS-1220-A 351 x 597cm 20
12x24 PTS-1224-A 351 x 719cm 24
14x16 PTS-1416-A 411 x 478cm 20
16x18 PTS-1618-A 471 x 538cm 24
16x20 PTS-1620-A 471 x 597cm 24
16x24 PTS-1624-A 471 x 719cm 28
16x30 PTS-1630-A 471 x 900cm 32
18x20 PTS-1820-A 533 x 597cm 24
18x24 PTS-1824-A 533 x 719cm 28
20x20 PTS-2020-A 589 x 597cm 24
20x24 PTS-2024-A 589 x 719cm 28
20x26 PTS-2026-A 589 x 779cm 28
20x30 PTS-2030-A 589 x 900cm 32
24x24 PTS-2424-A 711 x 719cm 32
24x30 PTS-2430-A 711 x 900cm 36
30x30 PTS-3030-A 890 x 900cm 40
30x36 PTS-3036-A 890 x 1083cm 44
36x36 PTS-3636-A 1068 x 1083cm 48


12 months manufacturers warranty.

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