Pro-Cure Super Gel Scent 2oz - Aniseed

Pro-Cure Super Gel Scent 2oz - Aniseed


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The most powerful, most effective shrimp scent ever offered. Made from real edible shrimp and prawns, UV enhanced and combined with powerful amino acids and bite stimulants, this scent will out perform all other 'shrimp' scents day in and day out. Everything eats a shrimp or prawn, making Pro-Cure Shrimp Super Gel a winner for anglers tackling the fresh or salt.

Super Gel High Performance Gel Scent is made from real bait and enhanced with amino acids and bite stimulants, in a sticky base that sticks cast after cast to all lure types.

Super Gel is made even more effective with the addition of UV enhancement.

The UV enhancement is like a beacon that attracts fish to your lure and then the scent triggers them to feed.

Anglers have also had success using a squirt of Super Gel on their baits to encourage the fish to feed.

The 2oz squeeze bottle gives you plenty of fish attracting power for your dollar and makes applying the scent quick, easy and mess free, as well as ensuring there is no leakage when stored.

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