Pro Throw 12ft Mono Top Pocket Cast Net with Chain


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12 ft top pocket

Mesh size - 27mm
Colour - Grey
Twine - 0.30mm
Hand rope - 8mtrs long with wrist strap
Reductions - 4
Weight - 5.8kg with chain

The largest net in the range entitling you to be able to reach your maximum spread!

The perfect prawning net offering a large & effective, functional top pocket for trapping the prawns as they skip upwards & makes emptying your catch a breeze.

Hot dipped galvanised welded chain for ultimate corrosion resistance & fast sinking through the water column to work prawns off the bottom.

A marine grade stainless steel swivel & comprising of high grade 27mm monofilament. This net is hand sewn with 4 reductions using UV stabilised dyneema for all panel joins ensuring this net will open with ease when thrown. Maximum spread equals maximum prawns!



Thank you for selecting Pro Throw as your cast net of choice.

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We love seeing & sharing everyone’s catches & experiences while out on the water!

Please be sure to read the below care & maintenance details for your new ProThrow Cast net &

We hope to SEE YOU OUT THERE soon!


Please soak your new ProThrow Cast Net in warm, fresh water overnight. Avoid using cleaning detergents &/or fabric softners as this may harm the monofilament & harm the life span of your net.

After 8-12hr soak, Shake net free of any holding water & spread out to dry in a shady, cool environment.

Once dry, Your ProThrow Cast Net is ready for use, either return the net to its included storage bucket & hit the water!


In order to maximise the lifespan of your new ProThrow Cast Net, We recommend the following regular care & maintenance procedures;

  • Never hang your ProThrow Cast Net with the sinkers or weights suspended off the ground.

Some generic cast nets require this process to ensure the knots in the monofilament netting tighten. ProThrow hand sewn cast nets have been specifically designed & manufactured to ensure the tightest possible, pre-set, double English knotted, monofilament & therefor should not be stretched intentionally.

  • Never leave your Prothrow Cast Net in direct sunlight for extended periods of time.

  • Always wash your ProThrow Cast Net after use & shake dry. If possible, it is always best to let dry in a cool & shady environment, before returning the net to your ProThrow cast net bucket. This will ensure maximum possible lifespan & help to reduce odour from your catch.

  • Whilst operating your Prothrow Cast Net, Be sure to remove any small rocks, seaweed or debris from your net between casts. Should any seaweed become entangled in the knots, best to remove quickly to ensure it doesn’t dry in the knot, making cleaning of the net more difficult.


  • SAFETY, SAFETY, SAFETY, Make sure you are throwing from a clear, stable & safe environment at all times. Always ensure sufficient room from other persons or obstructions that may cause injury.

  • Always operate with caution & care, Check your surroundings for danger or obstructions such as logs, rocks, trees & debris. Remember, Obstructions may be submerged in your target throw area.

  • Always check & understand your local rules & regulations regarding both the use of cast nets as well as size & bag limits for your target catch.

Now you are ready to cast your new ProThrow Cast Net – Good Luck!


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