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Approximate charge capacity:

  • Extra-large high-end ‘plus’ smartphone EG Galaxy S10+, iPhone 11 Pro Max, Hauwei P30
  • Vault C-Smart 77850mAh approx charges: 13-15
  • Vault C-Smart 42150mAh approx charges: 7-9
  • Vault C-Smart Wireless 26950mAh approx charges: 4-5


  • Large high-end smartphone EG Galaxy S10, iPhone 11 Pro, Hauwei P20
  • Vault C-Smart 77850mAh approx charges: 15-17
  • Vault C-Smart 42150mAh approx charges: 8-10
  • Vault C-Smart Wireless 26950mAh approx charges: 5-6


  • Medium sized mid-range smartphone EG Galaxy S10e, iPhone 11, Hauwei P10
  • Vault C-Smart 77850mAh approx charges: 18-20
  • Vault C-Smart 42150mAh approx charges: 9-11
  • Vault C-Smart Wireless 26950mAh approx charges: 6-7


  • Mid-range older device EG Galaxy A3, iPhone 8
  • Vault C-Smart 77850mAh approx charges: 29-31
  • Vault C-Smart 42150mAh approx charges: 19-21
  • Vault C-Smart Wireless 26950mAh approx charges: 10-12


Approximate expected recharge times:

  • Vault C-Smart Wireless 77850mAh Wireless:
  • Included 60W USB-C Power Delivery Adaptor: 5.5-6 hours
  • Vault 12W USB Mains Adaptor: 28-30 hours
  • 5V 1A USB power supply: 54-56 hours


  • Vault C-Smart Wireless 42150mAh:
  • Included 60W USB-C Power Delivery Adaptor: 3 hours
  • Vault 12W USB Mains Adaptor: 15-16 hours
  • 5V 1A USB power supply: 28-30 hours


  • Vault C-Smart Wireless 26950mAh updated 2020 model:
  • 45W USB-C Power Delivery Adaptor: 3.5-4 hours
  • Included Vault 12W USB Mains Adaptor: 12-13 hours
  • 5V 1A USB power supply: 22-24 hours


  • Vault C-Smart 77850mAh:
  • Included 45W USB-C Power Delivery Adaptor: 7-8 hours
  • Vault 12W USB Mains Adaptor: 28-30 hours
  • 5V 1A USB power supply: 54-56 hours


  • Vault C-Smart 42150mAh:
  • Included 45W USB-C Power Delivery Adaptor: 4-4.5 hours
  • Vault 12W USB Mains Adaptor: 15-16 hours
  • 5V 1A USB power supply: 22-24 hours


  • Vault C-Smart Wireless 26950mAh original 2019 model:
  • 30W or higher USB-C Power Delivery Adaptor: 5-5.5 hours
  • Vault 12W USB Mains Adaptor: 12-13 hours
  • 5V 1A USB power supply: 22-24 hours

For optimum recharge performance, please use the hardware included with your Vault powerpack. Performance may vary when using third party adaptors.


Do I need a special cable to use USB Power Delivery?

You can use a wide variety of cables with the Vault C-Smart but if the one you choose is a standard cable and not Power Delivery compatible, you won’t achieve optimum results. To unlock the true potential of Power Delivery, you’ll need a dedicated USB-C to USB-C Power Delivery compatible cable.


What’s the difference between the RidgeMonkey USB to Multi Out cable and the RidgeMonkey USB-C to USB-C Power Delivery Compatible cable? Will my phone fast charge with the USB to Multi Cable?

The USB to Multi Out cable is a general cable for standard devices and has an identity chip in it that tells the C-Smart to limit the voltage to 5V. The dedicated USB-C to USB-C cable is Power Delivery compatible and capable of handling much higher power. If you wish to charge a Power Delivery compatible device at full speed with a Power Delivery charger (such as the Vault C-Smart or 45W Car Charger), you require a Power Delivery compatible cable to connect the two devices.


Sometimes my device fails to charge if I’ve left the cable in the USB-C connector. Why is that?

USB-C is a slightly different technology to the classic ‘always on’ USB ports and this is caused when using a standard cable that isn’t Power Delivery enabled, including the USB-C to Multi Out – the cable has a 5V identity chip which can sometimes trigger the auto cut off of the Vault if left plugged in without a device connected: if, upon connection, a device fails to charge, simply unplug the USB-C connector from the powerpack and reconnect it.


My phone won’t fast charge via the standard USB ports:

USB Power Delivery technology is exclusive to USB-C. To achieve optimum performance, your device must be Power Delivery compatible and must be connected to the USB-C port using a dedicated USB-C to USB-C Power Delivery compatible cable. The standard USB ports are capable of delivering up to 3A at 5V, which is more than adequate for the majority of legacy devices.


Can I take my Vault C-Smart on an aeroplane?

As a general rule, commercial airlines allow a maximum of 100Wh / 27,027mAh to be carried in hand luggage which means the Vault C-Smart 26950mAh can be taken on most airlines without prior approval. With prior approval from selected airlines, you can take a lithium powerpack of up to 160Wh / 43,243mAh. Contact your airline before flying to arrange approval for your Vault C-Smart 42150mAh. The Vault C-Smart 77850mAh is unfortunately not able to be taken on commercial aircraft. For any further information or clarification, please contact your airline directly.


When recharging my Vault C-Smart I notice the charging adaptor became very warm and the Vault became quite warm in the LED power indicator area. Is that all usual for the device?

The Vault C-Smart uses a high-powered USB-C Power Delivery charging adaptor and as a result both the charger and powerpack will become warm during charging. This is perfectly normal and nothing to be alarmed about. Always ensure adequate ventilation when using the C-Smart and / or mains adaptor or any other high-powered electronic device.


My mobile phone gets hot when using the wireless charging function. Is this normal?

In a word, yes – it is entirely normal for devices to become very warm during wireless charging. Phones get hot when they’re charging because the battery is not 100% efficient in absorbing and storing the power it receives from the charging adaptor and by its very nature, wireless charging is even less efficient than wired charging due to air being significantly less conductive than wire. This natural inefficiency is expressed as heat and is nothing to be alarmed about – all modern electronic devices possess protection circuits to safely manage internal temperature. To help maintain appropriate charging temperatures, we recommend that you always ensure adequate ventilation and remove your device from any protective case during charging.


I get two blue lights (second and fourth) illuminating dimly on my powerpack. Why is this?

On occasion and when pressed in a forward motion (ie towards the USB end of the powerpack), the power button may catch slightly on dust & grit that has found its way into the gap between the button and bodywork, causing it to remain slightly depressed – this will in turn cause the LEDs to light in the fashion described. This can be rectified by pressing and releasing the power button while using a slightly backwards motion (ie towards the end opposite the USB panel). We also recommend giving the area a clean with a dry aerosol ‘air duster’ which can be commonly found online or in electronics stores such as PC World, Maplins etc.


Does the Vault C-Smart power non USB-C laptops?

Yes, the Vault C-Smart will happily power a laptop, you will simply require an appropriate 12V car charger adaptor. We recommend contacting the manufacturer of your laptop for their recommendation on a 12V adaptor – most manufacturers supply original branded 12V car charger adaptors for their laptops and will be able to advise of stockists in your area. A visual representation of this information can be found here, with the appropriate section covered at 2mins 10s:

Note: the 12V socket of the Vault C-Smart Wireless is rated at 60W max. Please check compatibility with your laptop power consumption prior to purchasing a 12V adaptor.


My Vault C-Smart doesn’t seem to charge / takes much longer to charge with a Solar Panel / 15W Car Charger / standard USB port than it does with the 45W Mains / Car Charger adaptors

A 5V power supply (such as a standard USB port, Solar Panel or the basic RidgeMonkey 15W car charger) will take significantly longer to charge the Vault than the high-powered 45W USB-C Power Delivery mains adaptor or 45W Power Delivery car charger. The Solar Panel is also dependent on the surrounding weather conditions and performance will vary – for optimum performance always have the Solar Panel fully opened and facing direct sunlight.

Please also note that connecting any Power Delivery charger (such as the 45W Car Charger) with a standard USB cable that is not Power Delivery compatible will also limit the power supply as the two devices will not be able to communicate properly.

To charge the Vault C-Smart at its optimum speed you require a Power Delivery compatible power supply and a dedicated USB-C to C Power Delivery compatible cable:


What products are compatible with the Vault accessory range?

With the exception of the original Vault Spare 3A Power Adaptor which is for use with original Vault Dual Voltage powerpack only and must NOT be used to attempt to recharge any device within the current RidgeMonkey Tech range, all products in the current Vault accessory range are compatible across all RidgeMonkey Tech products. For optimum performance when choosing an accessory, please ensure to match the output rating and USB type to the input of the device(s) that you intend to use it with. Contact your nearest RidgeMonkey stockist or message our in-house support department using the contact form on this website if any further assistance is required prior to completing a purchase.


Won’t connecting the Vault 45W Mains / Car Charger adaptors damage the 30W input of my new C-Smart Wireless 26950mAh?

NO! 30W is simply the maximum input that the Vault C-Smart Wireless 26950mAh is programmed to accept and it is an indicator of how fast you can expect the device to charge when using a 30W (or above) Power Delivery supply. If you connect the C-Smart Wireless 26950mAh to a 45W, 60W or even a 100W USB-C Power Delivery supply, it will still only accept its maximum input rating. This universality means that very soon you may only need a single mains adaptor for all your USB-C Power Delivery devices.


Why doesn’t my Vault C-Smart Wireless 26950mAh have a mains adaptor in the box?

The original 2019 model Vault C-Smart Wireless 26950mAh powerpacks (product codes RM193, RM194) were packaged without a mains adaptor to limit unnecessary waste as almost every household across the world already has many USB power adaptors and a number are now integrated into USB-C Power Delivery technology. The feedback received showed that while this is indeed the case, not all USB adaptors are equal and some customers reported varying performance using their own existing USB adaptors to charge the C-Smart 26950mAh. As a result of this feedback we have now added a high-powered 12W USB Mains Power Adaptor to the updated 2020 Vault C-Smart Wireless 26950mAh (product codes RM472, RM486) to ensure a stable expected charging time with a minimal increase on RRP to the end consumer. If you have a 2019 model 26950mAh and wish to purchase a Vault 12W USB Mains Power Adaptor or indeed a USB-C Power Delivery Mains Adaptor, these are available in the Vault accessory range from all good RidgeMonkey stockists.


Solar Panel:

My iPad / iPhone Plus / other large high end device won’t charge, getting ‘device not supported’ message on screen

Apple iPads, iPhone Plus and some large high-end Android devices are notoriously finicky for not accepting a charge unless being provided a stable current upwards of 2.1A at all times – this figure is at the very upper end of the Vault Solar Panel’s capability in absolutely perfect conditions – using both ports at the same time (thus sharing the power), any cloud cover, haze, shade or even the panel being slightly angled and not being pointing directly at the sun can cause the current to drop below the required 2.1A which will subsequently cause the connected device to ‘throw a code’ and refuse to accept a charge – in this instance we would recommend using the Solar Panel to charge a USB powerpack and then subsequently use the powerpack to provide a stable 2.1A to the device that is proving troublesome.


The LCD screen on my Solar Panel doesn’t seem to work. How do I switch it on?

The Solar Panel does not feature an LCD screen – the area in question is blank plastic casing that can be mistaken for a screen: we can confirm that it is definitely not a screen of any sort. Power is indicated by a red LED between the USB ports.


Does the Solar Panel work with the original Vault Dual Voltage powerpack?

No – initially developed in 2014, the original Vault powerpack requires a high voltage input to charge correctly. We have utilised the new USB-C Power Delivery technology to enable the Vault C-Smart range to charge at a range of voltages, thereby opening up the possibility of stable charging via a low power Solar Panel.


Will the Solar Panel charge baitboat batteries?

The RidgeMonkey Vault 16W Solar Panel will power any 5V USB compatible device up to a maximum of 2.4A (dependant on conditions). If your baitboat batteries are USB compatible, it will be able to supply the power to them. If they require a 12V input, they will not be compatible with the Vault Solar Panel.