Platypus 150yd Spool P8 Braided Fishing Line


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150yd Spool of Platypus P8 Braided Fishing Line

Extra thin and round, P8 is premium quality braid.  

Utilising 8 strand construction ensures P8 is one of the thinnest braids on the market.  Round, smooth and supple, P8 will pack more evenly onto your reel for longer accurate casts time after time.

  • 8 carrier Braid 
  • Actual unknotted breaking strain on label
  • Super Slick
  • Not weakened by sunlight
  • Phenomenal sensitivity from near zero stretch 
  • 100% Australian made, owned and operated
Breaking Strain Length Diameter PE Rating
6lb 150yd 0.06mm 0.4
8lb 150yd 0.12mm 0.6
10lb 150yd 0.14mm 0.8
15lb 150yd 0.22mm 1.2

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