Trail-X LED Strip Light Kit 4m


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The Trail-X 4m LED Strip Light Kit is one of the most versatile and easy to use camp lighting system on the market!! A crazy 290 super bright LED's light up the dark on a handy 4m roll that can be easily wrapped around any surface!

The kit also includes a dimmer switch to easily adjust the LED brightness, a long 3m lead to help reach those faraway places, a heavy duty carry bag for storage, 8 X velco strips to help you install it almost anywhere and a handy carry spool that allows you to unwind your desired length or the entire roll with easy.

The super efficient LED's also use very little power. On the brightest setting you can get over 20 hours of continuous light using a standard 100-amp hour battery!! How good is that! This kit can also be connected directly to the Trail-X 4 Bar Led Light Kit to offer even more lighting options for your next outdoor trip!

Strap them to your swag, awning, gazebo, caravan or wrap them around your body to sparkle like a fairy, the Trail-X LED Strip Light kit is the perfect lighting option for your new camping trip.


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