Zerek Skittish Dog TW 85mm

Zerek Skittish Dog TW 85mm Col AA

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Walk-the-dog lures are not that common and even less so, lures this size that perform.

The Zerek Skittish Dog 85 answers a lot of questions and gives the answers all anglers want, while its bigger 115mm brother can do all the dirty work when big fish are on the cards.

Weighing an easy casting 11 grams (85mm) or 20 grams (115mm), these lures are some of the easiest lures on the market to walk the dog with. A simple pulsating rod tip is all that's needed to get that enticing zig-zag action that drives predatory fish mad.

The range features 10 amazing colours in the 115mm model and 5 in the 85mm model from naturals to outlandish giving anglers plenty of options when it comes time to choose. A tough ABS body is coupled with durable rings and chemically sharpened trebles to provide a robust little lure that will fish well above its weight.

Whether you're chasing big Barra on top, subtle Saratoga, badass bass or cranky cod, the Zerek Skittish Dog will get you in the game.

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