Zerek Weedless 95mm Fish Trap Vibe Soft Plastic Fishing Lure


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95mm Zerek Weedless Fish Trap Lure

The Weedless Fish Trap is a brilliant adaptation to the amazingly successful Fish Trap!

This lure features all the same swimming characteristics as the Fish Trap on teh retrieve but has a brilliant swimming action on the fall and has also been uniquely designed to give a weedless presentation.

The features include a replaceable single worm hook that is positioned point down to provide exceptional hooking in the bottom jaw, a built-in hook trap to keep the worm hook in place while fishing, the innovative and Zerek-owned crush slits that expose the hook point when fish strike and a construction from the tough TPE material that gives strength and movement to the lure!

What does that mean to the average angler?

A lot.

It means you can fish this lure in exactly the same places and in exactly the same way as you fish your existing Fish Traps, just that you can now explore the most snag-ridden places to present your lure to the most wary and cautious fish that are usually the largest! It means the days of worrying where the snags are in case you lose your lure are finished, and it means that the Fish Trap is still many steps ahead of the competition.

13 colours will be initially available and the Weedless Fish Trap will be available only in the 95mm version for the time being.

Brilliance rarely strikes more than once, but here it is.

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